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What do skaters do with the CD of the music they used previously?

It depends on who prepared the CD. If you purchased the CD with the understanding that it was created solely for you, then you can transfer the “rights” to someone else and provide them with your “master”.

You should not make multiple copies from the “master” and sell the individual copies to other skaters without disclosing that other copies are in circulation.

People tend to become very upset if the exact same program music is used at competitions and purchased it from the same person. Musical selections of a popular movie, Broadway show, or classical music are used to create a free skating program. In the world of skating sometimes other individuals independently make similar musical selections when producing a skating CD.

Anyone who “burns” a CD, to use as a free skating program, should prepare a list of the title of the piece(s), composer(s) and orchestra(s) of the music source(s). As skaters develop more skills and progress through the system of qualifying competitions that are webcasted or televised, such information is required so the owners of the rights to the music and the performers will be properly credited and paid the required royalties. 

Skaters and parents must be careful to properly “finalize” a CD when burning their program to a disk. When improperly done, the CD will not universally play on other CD players. The result is a CD that plays at the skater’s home rink, but not on the equipment used at the competition. Sadly the skater will be disqualified if their CD will not play on the host club’s music equipment.

Submitted by Claude Sweet
USFS Gold MITF, Free Skating, Pair, and International Dance test judge; Intermediate Figure judge.

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