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What is a reasonable weekly schedule of on and off ice practices during the school year and on summer vacations?

A schedule of five weekday practice sessions with an occasional Saturday schedule works fine for individual skaters. Most rinks open at 5:00 am to allow skaters to practice before school and accommodate different school start times for elementary, middle, and high school.

Because of the difficulty of coordinating conflicting schedules of multiple skaters, many couple and team skaters may have to attend very early practice sessions on both Saturday and Sunday.

When skaters are out of school for the summer, the daily schedule needs to be increased.

Skaters should have a daily off-ice schedule to increase their flexibility, stamina, and strengthen their core body muscles. Off-ice participation in classes to enhance a skater’s skills in ballet, modern and ballroom dance, etc. are an inexpensive way to develop performance abilities that can be applied to figure skating.

Submitted by Claude Sweet
USFS Gold MITF, Free Skating, Pair, and International Dance test judge; Intermediate Figure judge.

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