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Can you provide suggestions for how many lessons should be included in a weekly skating schedule?

Many coaches prefer to schedule shorter (10 to 15-minute) private lessons per week rather than one 30-minute lesson, especially with younger skaters whose attention span may fade after 10 minutes.

Summer is the time to increase both on and off-ice practice sessions and lessons. There is a balance between coaching time and practice time that varies according to the individual’s ability to focus in a lessons and the ability to retain the information so it can be implemented in unsupervised practice sessions.

Some coaches require their skaters to maintain a notebook of the items covered in every lesson. The skaters then use their notes to plan the structure of their practice sessions.

A motivated skater does not need a parent at the rink to insure that they are not wasting valuable practice time.

Submitted by Claude Sweet
USFS Gold MITF, Free Skating, Pair, and International Dance test judge; Intermediate Figure judge.

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