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Ice Dancing

Ballroom Dancing as Performed on Ice
       There are three different qualifying and non qualifying competitive ice dancing events that a couple (man and woman) can enter - Compulsory Dances, Original Dance, and Free Dancing.

        Besides dancing with a partner, skaters may test and enter non-qualifying competition events as a solo skater performing in Pattern Dance, Combined Dance, and Short Dance events. This is an evolving activity - for the most current information refer to:

       To enter partnered ice dancing events in qualifying events, each skater of the team must pass the following tests:
       ISU and USFS Rules Governing Ice Dancing
       Junior and Senior Ice dancing qualifying competitions consists of two events:
  • Compulsory dance tempo selected to perform the Short Dance for current skating season
  • Free dance
      Dance events, under the International Judging System, are scored for:
  • Technical elements - Grades of Execution
  • Performance components
    • Choreography
    • Interpretation/artistic expression
    • Skating skills
    • Performance and execution
    • Transitions
    • Timing
       Dance Glossary
      A strong background in Moves in the Field (MITF) and basic free skating is highly recommended for anyone wishing to compete in qualifying dance events.

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      individual sports programs:
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