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How much is reasonable to spend on a test and/or competition outfit for a male or female skater?

Skating attire for a male skater can be as simple as a properly fitted pair of stretch pants and shirt that is secured to the trousers at the waist. Elastic “stirrups are affixed to the bottom of the pant legs so they do not “ride” up and get snagged on the hooks of the boots. 

A custom-made body suit or tux can become rather expensive ($1,000 and up) depending on the expense of the cloth and the fee charged by a professional tailor.

Practice and competition dresses can be purchased at most local rinks and from mail order sources that advertise in the USFS Skating Magazine. A search of the Internet will also provide businesses that offer a variety of styles suitable for very young skaters through adult sizes.

A potential source of skating dresses can be found on eBay  ( Many clubs will also host an annual sale of previously worn skating attire and equipment.

A custom made skating outfit for very young girls through adults can vary according to the number of yards of the material, the expense of the cloth per yard, the style/design of the outfit, and the fee charged by a professional tailor or seamstress.

Overlays of lace, hand painted designs, and accents with rhinestones, beads, etc. are hand applied which add expense to a simple basic design.  However, a parent may choose to add their own personalized details to an outfit to help control costs.

Submitted by Ruth Sweet
USFS Gold MITF, Free Skating, Pair, and International Dance test judge; Intermediate Figure judge.

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